How to Make Ping-Pong Ball Lights

//How to Make Ping-Pong Ball Lights

How to Make Ping-Pong Ball Lights

This is one of small summer projects my wife worked on during 2016 summer.
We had a pretty empty balcony in our condo unit and we needed to do something
to utilize the space.

There are not many materials needed for this project.
You just need a Christmas tree lights and ping pong balls.

We ordered a bulk of ping pong balls from for $22.00 for a bag of ping pong balls (144 balls).


It doesnt seem like 144 balls, but they are indeed 144 balls ! 🙂


Get your ping pong balls ready.

Here is a small tip.
You see the line here?

Avoid cutting this line (this is where ball half sphere overlapps).
Try to cut ping pong ball by inserting your knife to the clean area
for easy cut.


Make a cross cut.

Don’t need to make a big cross cut
You just need a hole big enough to fit the light bulb inside




You can also try with other lights.

We tried Christmas tree lights.


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