Our in-depth and hands-on Lip Blush course runs for three days and is designed to fully prepare the student to be able to provide the service once they have completed the course successfully. The course is taught one-on-one, individually catering to the needs of the student and will cover all the topics outlined below.

This course also comes with a complimentary lip blush kit, including the lip tattoo machine.

Hands-On with live models under the supervision of Goldline Brow.

Entry Level No prior experience required. We will train you and provide you with the expertise you need in order to begin your own business.

This course comes with a FREE Professional Lip Blush kit:

  • Lip tattoo machine
  • 20 needle
  • 2 lip pigment
  • 2 rubber pads
  • 20 pigment rings
  • Microapplicator  brush
  • Correcting sticks
  • Zensa numbing cream
  • Second numbing cream
  • Design pen

Please note:

You will need to provide a model for Day 2
If you need help finding a model please let us know two weeks in advance. There is an admin fee of $100 if you need help with model sourcing

Price: $2500 + HST

Day 1


  • Introduction to lip tattoo
  • Skin anatomy and theory
  • Tattoo machine and needle
  • Colour theory
  • Lip design and mapping
  • Ideal candidates, contra-indications, client consultation
  • Lip tattooing procedure
  • Pre and post care information
  • Troubleshooting
  • Sanitation and sterilization

Day 2

Live Model

Student practice on a model with close supervision
Instructor assessment
Student Reflection
Extra time for students who may need it

Day 3

Touch Up Class

How to do a touch up
Instructor assesses models healed work
Student performs touch up with close supervision

Ask us any questions (English/한국어)

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